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Grown-up Ursa!

Ursa & Summer Breeze (RIP)
Spring 2017

Kalessi and Ursa!
Spring 2017


Ursa and Gemma (our Great Dane Puppy)
Spring 2017

BFF's Ava, Kalessi, & Ursa
Spring 2017

Ursa is a Butterfly!
Easter 2017

The Happy Gang!
Ursa, Gemma & Meadow
Spring 2017

Pretty Ursa!
Spring 2017

Growing Up!
Spring 2017


Ursa & Ava Sharing a Meal
Winter 2017

Baby Ursa & Gregg in the Snow
Winter 2017

Hey, Cutie!
Winter 2017

Gregg and the "New Girl!"
Winter 2017

Ursa on the Move!
Winter 2017

Miss Teal - now Ursa - at 31 Days Old!

Miss Teal - now Ursa - with
a friend from Shining Star Shilohs!

Ursa (Miss Teal) and Litter-Mates
enjoying their first raw meal!

Six Day Old Miss Teal (now our Ursa!)

First Picture of Ursa (Miss Teal) and
Her Briar-Jedi Littermates!

Ursa is our Beautiful White Baby Girl from Cheryl McFarland - Shining Star Shilohs' Jedi/Briar Rose litter, born on November 27, 2016. Jedi is from our Ursa/Rafe litter that was born on April 16, 2011.

Baby Ursa was named after her Grandmother Ocean State's White Bear (aka, Ursa) who passed away in August 2014 at 10 1/2 years of age.

Like her Grandmother Ursa, this Ursa was also Miss Teal (yarn color) and solid white in color. From the moment I saw her - right after she was born - I knew she had to be ours!

Ursa is such a happy, sweet and talkative girl... she loves everyone she meets! She is such a special part of our Family. We have high hopes for this beautiful girl!

Full Name/Title: Ocean State's Shining Star (aka, Baby Ursa), OFA
Color: Solid White Plush
Born: November 27, 2016
Dam: Shining Star Briar Rose O'Canyon, OFA
Sire: Ocean State's Jedi Knight, OFA
Height: 27.5 Inches     Weight: 78 Pounds
Hips: OFA Good (SLH-934G24F-NOPI)
Elbows: OFA Normal (SLH-EL698F24-NOPI)
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA650/25F/C-NOPI)
TLI: 11.5 (Normal)
DM: Carrier/Not Affected (GenSol 142171)
DNA: Pending

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