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bCHPtd. Miracle's OS Girl In Motion

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Beautiful Stacia!
December 2010
Daughter Elke & Shania
December 2010
May 2009 Stacia & Daughter Shania
May 2009
August 2007 May 2007 May 2007 May 2007
Stacia-Denver Puppies
Born November 19, 2006
Stacia-Gunner Puppies
Born May 13, 2006
August 2005 April 2005
Jessie Jane & Stacia
March 2005
February 2005
Stacia-D'Argo Puppies
Born August 17, 2004
Stacia & D'Argo
August 2004
  Our Special Elf!
Christmas 2003
December 2003 December 2003 September 2003 September 2003
  Littermates Lily, Bella, Chewie & Stacia
with Papa Apollo
Topsfield, MA - August 2003
Stacia was Best In Show Puppy!
ARBA New England Classic
Topsfield, MA - August 2003
Stacia's Papa Apollo was Best In Show!
ARBA New England Classic
Topsfield, MA - August 2003
  July 2003 June 2003
*This picture was used in the 2004 "Our Shilohs" Calendar!
May 2003  
  Mama Sunnie Stacia/Miss Pink and
ELEVEN littermates - Sired by Apollo
Born March 10, 2003

Stacia was one of Miracle Shilohs' Delightful Dozen that arrived on March 10, 2003.

Stacia was a beautiful gray sable girl, with a very loving manner.
Her name fit her to a "T" --- she was always in motion!

In August 2003, at the ARBA New England Classic, Miss Stacia used that motion to
her best advantage, and was named Best In Show Puppy!!! We were so proud!
 In November 2003, at the Rarities Hartford Classic, she became Champion Pointed!

During Stacia's breeding career, she brought five beautiful litters into the world:

* 8 babies by D'Argo (August 2004)
* 5 babies by Bold Canine's Gunner (May 2006)
* 6 babies by Miracle Shilohs' Denver (November 2006)
* 6 babies by Bold Canine's Gunner (October 2007)
* 3 babies by Howling Winds' Garth (April 2008)

There are no two ways about it: Stacia was a great girl, and a fabulous Mom!

Our special girl left us in March 2011. We miss her more than words can say.

Full Name/Title: bCHPtd. Miracle's OS Girl In Motion
Born: March 10, 2003 / Died: March 5, 2011
Dam: Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise (Sunnie), OFA, CGC, ROM
Sire: GVabmrCH Gemini's Apollo Rocket (Apollo), OFA, CGC, TT, ROM
Height: 29 Inches     Weight: 105 Pounds
Hips: PennHIP: .36L - .31R, No DJD
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA118/24F/C-PI)
Generational Rating: 6G


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