On this page, we will share Going Home photos of this litter, and some Growing Up photos of them (below)


Mr. Orange, now August/Gus,
lives with Jessica & Aaron and Family
in Massachusetts!

Mr. Purple, now Happy,
lives with Annie
in Alabama!

Mr. Red, now Hamilton,
lives with Rod & Family
in North Carolina!

Baby Reagan & Huntress (Ocean State's Stacia-Denver 2006)

Mr. Royal Blue, now Reagan,
lives with Sandra & Greg
in California

Mr. Tan, now K'munu,
lives with Tricia & Mark
in Massachusetts

K'munu hitches a ride with his new mom, Tricia!
Miss Lavender, now Breeze,
lives with Nancy & Gregg
at Ocean State Shilohs
in Rhode Island!


Miss Teal, now Tesa,
lives with Tracy & Ken
in Connecticut

Tesa gets acquainted with Emma
(Ocean State's Ayla-Orion 2009)
(In Alphabetical Order)

August - 3 Months Old

Gus in the Garden - One Year Old

Gus and "his" kids! - One Year Old

Breeze - Almost 3 Months Old

Breeze - 6 Months Old

Breeze - October 2018

Breeze - October 2018
Soon, Breeze will have her own page on our site!

Best Buds Buck & Hamilton


Hamilton - almost 4 months old

Buck & One Year Old Hamilton

Hamilton - One Year Old

Happy - almost 3 months old

Lola (Ocean State's Ayla-Orion 2009) & 7 month old Happy

Ten Month Old Happy in a Stack

K'munu - 3 months old

K'munu on the Rock - Five Months Old

K'munu - May 2018

3.5 month old Reagan with
Huntress (Ocean State's Stacia-Denver 2006),
& Liberty (Miracle's Tova-Bozley 2014)

Reagan - 3.5 months old


From left: One Year Old Reagan, Miracle's Liberty,
Ocean State's Huntress & Ching the Terrier

Tesa- the Graduate - 5 months old!

One Year Old Tesa & Ocean State's Emma
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