6 & 7 Week Pictures



Mr. Red
, Miss Pink and Miss Teal








Mr. Red Chats with Grandpa Gregg


This Week's
Head Shot Comparison!

(This Week Above ~ Last Week Below)




We Love Playing Outside!
(...So Does Grandpa Gregg...)

Gregg Hangs Out with the Kids

"Hey!  Let's Follow Grandpa Gregg!"

The Chase is On!

"We're Gaining on Him!"


  Soon after their 6 Week Birthday, we took these beautiful babies to the Vet,
where they were examined and inoculated by Dr. Dave and Tech Lizotte.
(Their health and condition was evaluated as "Excellent!" --- YIPPEE!!!)
Here are a few pictures from their Vet visit.
Miss Pink sits on Dr.  Dave's foot, as she waits her turn.
Dr. Dave checks Miss Teal's bite.
...And now, he's listening to Mr. Red's heart.  Sounds good!
Dr. Dave and Lizotte give Miss Pink the once-over.
Dr. Dave, Lizotte and Miss Teal.

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Ocean State Shilohs

Photos Taken on 19/26 May 2008
Page Created on 27 May 2008