We are pleased to announce that
during her next heat, our lovely
Ursa will be bred with Malachi!
  Ursa Malachi  
Full Name/Title: Ocean State's Shining Star (aka, Baby Ursa), OFA
Born: November 27, 2016 / Color: Solid White Plush
Dam: Shining Star Briar Rose O'Canyon, OFA
Sire: Ocean State's Jedi Knight, OFA
Height: 27.5 Inches     Weight: 78 Pounds
Hips: OFA Good (SLH-934G24F-NOPI)
Elbows: OFA Normal (SLH-EL698F24-NOPI)
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA650/25F/C-NOPI)
TLI: 11.5 (Normal)
DM: Carrier/Not Affected (GenSol 142171)
DNA: Pending

(Malachi is owned and loved by Kim Calo.)

Full Name/Title: Genesis-JnL's On Cloud Nine
Born: March 11, 2014 / Color: Solid White Plush
Dam: Genesis Northern Blizzard (Winter)
Sire: Bolo's Cosmic Polar Bear (Coz)
Height: 29 Inches     Weight: 105 Pounds
Hips: PennHIP 0.27L/0.18R / No DJD (#929736)
Elbows: OFA Normal (SLH-EL563M27-VPI)
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA596/26M/P-PI-ECHO)
Holter: Normal (0,0,0) 9 Months
DM: OFA Normal (SLH-DM300/16M-PI)
TLI: 13.0 (Normal) 2015


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