Mr. Orange / Luke

We Proudly Present... LUKE!!!

We have decided that Mr. Orange (aka, Luke)
will stay here and be a part of our Ocean State Shiloh Family!


Hey, Handsome!

Luke & Gregg



Mr. Red / Rocco

Rocco with Michele, Tim & Shalya

Mr. Red (Rocco) now shares his life with family
Madeline & Normand / Michele & Tim (pictured above)
and Shiloh Shayla.


Mr. Silver / Gryfinn


Gryfinn & Michele

Gryfinn, Grandpa Gregg,
and Michele

Mr. Silver (Gryfinn) lives in Nevada with
Michele & Gary and Shilohs Rage, Goldie, and Aggie.


Miss Lavender / Winnie


Winnie & Grandpa Gregg
at the Airport

Another Airport Shot

Winnie At Home

Sweet Dreams!


Miss Lavender (Winnie) lives with Claire & Jason in Ontario.


Miss Peach / Lola

Lola (formerly, Bree)

Miss Peach (Lola) shares her life with Annie in Alabama.


Miss Teal / Lollie


Jen, Granny Nancy & Lollie Mama Ayla and Lollie
Share a Goodbye Kiss!
Lollie & Jen

Miss Teal (Lollie) lives with Jen in Ontario.



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