On this page, we lovingly remember some
special Shilohs that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

OS's Tribute to Gentle Ben
Ocean State's Ellie Mae-D'Argo

Ben Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 11:50 p.m. on September 28, 2013
due to Bloat.

Ben, you left us way too soon. You were our first born and my Love.
Run free, sweet beautiful boy!


abCHPtd. Pinnacle's Miracle Meant To Be, CGC, PENN
Pinetree/Miracle's Floosey-Mac


abCHPtd. Miracle's 1st Ocean State Boy, CGC, PENN
Miracle's Sunnie-Orion


"The Kiss"
Ellie Mae & D'Argo


Ellie Mae & D'Argo were sweethearts from day one... a True Love Story.

  They crossed over the Rainbow Bridge together at 4:05 p.m. on September 14, 2013.

 Ellie Mae & D'Argo: You took a huge piece of our hearts with you;
we will Love you Both Forever!


Tantara's Mystical Midnite Onyx, CGC, HIC, TDI
Tantara's Hunter-Hammer


abCHPtd. Pinnacle's Maritime Miracle, CGC, OFA, ROM
Pinetree/Miracle's Floosey-Mac

Denver was Ellie Mae's brother.


Howling Winds Of Ocean State
Ocean State's Stacia-Garth

McGraw was Stacia's son and Shania's brother.


Lisa's "Princess" Karly
Zion's Cinni-Kujo

Karly was Lisa's soul mate girl, and will always be loved and remembered.
RIP, sweet Karly!


NS abiCH Heaven Orion Cazador of Desert, CGC, PENN, ROM
Desert's Rage-Diablo

Orion was D'Argo's and Lucy's sire.


Ocean State's Teeka

Sterling's Page

Ocean State's Little Twinkle

For the short time we had you, you stole our hearts.
We will always remember and love you, Baby Girl.

Gracie Marie's Page

OS-Miracle's Amazing Grace
Miracle's Tella-Mac

Gracie Marie was the Auntie to all of our babies.  She was also Gregg's special Angel. For her ten years of life, she was the constant companion of Ellie Mae & D'Argo. Godspeed, Dear Girl!!!

Stacia's Page

bCHPtd. Miracle's OS Girl In Motion
Miracle's Sunnie-Apollo

Stacia was dam to Jessie Jane, Elke and Shania. She was also Nancy's animal soul mate. Godspeed, Dear Girl!!!


GVabmrCH Gemini's Apollo Rocket, CGC, OFA
Gemini's Star-Taz

Apollo was Stacia's & Ayla's sire.


NS bCH Shenandoah-Mt. Selah's Magnum, CGC, OFA, TDI, ROM
Shenandoah's Winnie-Sasquach

Mac was Ellie Mae's & Gracie Marie's sire.


Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise, CGC, OFA, ROM
Hilltop's Kiva-Sebastian

Sunnie was D'Argo's and Stacia's dam.


NS biCH Gemini's Destiny Star, PENN
Gemini's Allegra-Atlas

Star was Apollo's dam.


abCH Tella's Fleur-De-Lys of Kuro, CGC, OFA, TDI, ROM
Kuro/Miracle's Tella-Kito

Floosey was Ellie Mae's dam.


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