All of our Ocean State Shiloh Shepherd puppies are guaranteed against:   


Crippling hip or elbow dysplasia that is apparent by 30 months of age;




Genetic or Congenital defects that are apparent by 30 months of age (which must be supported by veterinary documentation) that will adversely affect the puppy's longevity and/or quality of life.


If your puppy does not live up to this guarantee, and you have complied with our contract conditions, we will replace the puppy with a puppy from a subsequent litter; you will keep the original puppy.



We guarantee that ALL of our Ocean State Shiloh Shepherd puppies will pass proof of parentage with a DNA Test administered through the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis.



We do not warrant the temperament of our Ocean State Shiloh Shepherd puppies.


Temperament is determined by genetics and environment.   Too often, nice puppies develop temperament problems as a result of the way they are raised.  Since we have no control over the environment in which a puppy is raised, we cannot guarantee its temperament.


Updated 22 January 2019

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