abCHPtd. Pinnacle's Miracle Meant To Be, CGC, PENN
"Ellie Mae"

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Ellie Mae in the Blizzard!
February 2011
Our First 3 Shilohs:
Ellie Mae - Gracie Marie - D'Argo
January 2011
Ellie Mae & D'Argo
December 2009
The Chase is On!
December 2009
Clockwise from Lower Right: Ellie Mae, daughter Breeze (by D'Argo '04),
litter-brother Denver, son Ben (by D'Argo '04), and our own D'Argo!
(Collage by Xanadu Shilohs)
Winter 2006 Snow Queen! Ellie Mae and 2 Beautiful Babies
Including Ayla - by Apollo
Born September 6, 2006
Proud Parents!
Ellie Mae & Apollo

Beautiful Ellie Mae - 2006


Eight More Beauties! (by D'Argo)
June 2005
April 2005 April 2004 Ellie Mae & 8 Beauties! (by D'Argo)
March 2004
January 2004 "The Kiss"
Ellie Mae & D'Argo
January 2004 Ellie Mae & D'Argo
December 2003
Summer 2003 Lovely!
Fall 2002
Fall 2002

Ellie (8+ Mo) & D'Argo (4+ Mo)
September 2002

4 Months Old
May 2002

Best In Show Junior Puppy!!!
Brookville, Pennsylvania
May 2002

3 Months Old
April 2002
15 Days Old
February 2002

Mama Floosey, Ellie Mae/Miss Lavender and Littermates - Sired by Mac
Born January 1, 2002


Before I got my first Shiloh, I knew exactly what I wanted: a black-and-cream dual.  Then, I saw the 15-day-old pictures of the 2002 Floosey-Mac babies, and Miss Lavender (a light gray sable) tugged at my heartstrings… and that was that!

Now 9+ years of age, Ellie Mae still turns heads wherever she goes.

She was - and still is - the alpha girl of our Shiloh family.

During her show career, Ellie Mae was Breed and ARBA Champion pointed.  In addition, she received CGC with Gunfire Certification!

Ellie Mae brought three beautiful litters into the world:

* 8 puppies by D'Argo (March, 2004)
* 8 puppies by D'Argo (June, 2005)
* 2 puppies by Apollo (September, 2006)

Even after retiring from our breeding program, Ellie Mae was still The Queen!

Full Name/Title: abCHPtd. Pinnacle's Miracle Meant To Be, CGC, PENN
Color: Light Gray Sable Plush
Born: January 1, 2002 / Died: September 14, 2013
Dam: abCH Tella's Fleur-de-Lys of Kuro (Floosey), OFA, CGC, TDI, ROM
Sire: NSabCH Shenandoah-Mt. Selah's Magnum (Mac), OFA, CGC, TDI, ROM
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Height: 28 Inches     Weight: 120 Pounds
Hips: PennHIP: .32L - .39RL, No DJD
Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA119/39F/C-PI)

Generational Rating: 6G

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